Dwight Howard Claims He Didn’t Beef with Kobe Bryant

by July 17, 2017
dwight howard kobe bryant beef

Dwight Howard wants to set the record straight about his relationship with Kobe Bryant.

Howard claims that his alleged beef with Bryant was a creation of the media, tweeting, “They needed a story that would sell.”

Kobe, who once called Howard “soft” and a “teddy bear,” would probably disagree.

In February of 2015, Bryant told USA Today that the Lakers’ culture made Howard “uncomfortable.”

“When you have a perception of what it is to win a championship—and most perceptions of what it’s like to win are a very outgoing, very gregarious locker room where you pick each other up and you’re friends all the time.” […]


“I think that’s what his perception was of what the idea is. But when he saw the reality of it, it made him uncomfortable.


“And it’s very tough to be able to fight through that, to deal with that challenge. And I don’t think he was willing to deal with that uncomfortable and combative nature.”

Kobe Bryant Calls Dwight Howard ‘Soft’ and a ‘Teddy Bear’