Dwyane Wade Says LeBron James Is The ‘Cheapest’ Player He Knows

by July 09, 2016

If LeBron James signs an expected one-year deal worth $27.5 million next season, he’ll be the most expensive player in the NBA.

But LeBron’s former teammate and close friend Dwyane Wade says the King is still frugal when it comes to certain things.

After co-hosting Live with Kelly on Thursday morning, D-Wade was asked who the cheapest player in the League is. Wade, without hesitation, replied: LeBron James.


Wade noted that LeBron is an “exact tipper” at restaurants and doesn’t use data roaming on his phone.

While those two things may be actually considered “smart” instead of “cheap,” LeBron James certainly isn’t frugal when it comes to providing full scholarships for hundreds of Akron public school students through his charitable foundation’s mentorship program.