Dwyane Wade: ‘I Thought I Would Be [In Miami] Forever’

by November 08, 2016
dwyane wade

It’s still strange to see Dwyane Wade in a uniform that doesn’t say Heat across the front.

After his Bulls routed the Magic 112-80 last night, D-Wade talked to CSN Chicago about why he left Miami to join Chicago this summer. According to the three-time champ, sometimes, sh*t happens:

“I thought it was an opportunity I would be there forever, but s–t happens,” Wade said in an exclusive interview with CSNChicago.com after the Bulls’ 112-80 win over the Orlando Magic on Monday night “And when s–t happens, you gotta be prepared to (move on). I found out very quickly that this is a business.”




“Definitely,” said Wade when asked if he felt a certain way about where he fit on the pecking order. “The biggest thing, is all about the way you communicate. I understand this business just as good as anybody. But it’s a way, someone like me, a way you communicate what you’re trying to do, and how you’re gonna do it and what it looks like for me.”


The common courtesy and respect he felt he was due by the franchise — completely different from special treatment, he’s intimated on multiple occasions — went out the window, at least long enough for Wade to seriously explore other options.

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