Earl Watson to Suns: Stop Following Opponents on Twitter

by October 31, 2016

The Phoenix Suns are 0-3, and head coach Earl Watson believes his young squad is a tad too chummy with the enemy.

Watson doesn’t like the idea of his guys following their opponents across the League on social media platforms.

The 37-year-old bench boss believes it’s counter-productive to fraternize with players on other teams.

Per the AZ Republic:

Watson has many relationships in the NBA but he makes it clear that he “could care less” about them once it is game day against them. Case in point, he said he did not talk Friday to Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook, who he has mentored since he was at UCLA.


“We respect the other team but it’s not an admirational game,” Watson said. “We don’t admire them so much, like, ‘One day we want to be like them.’ I don’t even like our guys to follow other guys on Twitter. This Twitter friend, Instagram friend, let’s cut them off. Say hit to them in the summer.”

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