Enes Kanter: Thunder Player Said ‘Don’t Come Back to OKC’ If Seen with Kevin Durant

by September 08, 2017
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At least one Thunder player hasn’t gotten over Kevin Durant‘s decision to join the Warriors.

When the OKC player heard that teammate Enes Kanter was going to play pickup with Durant in New York last month, he warned Kanter:

“If I see one picture of you and KD, don’t come back to OKC.”

While guesting on the Timeout with Taylor Rooks podcast, Kanter explained the situation (starting at 4:19):

Kanter: “The first game, I told my coach, Make sure I’m on LeBron’s team because—I’m not going to tell who—one of my teammates, a couple weeks before that scrimmage game, said, ‘If I see one picture of you and KD’—because he knows that KD lived in the same apartment as me—‘don’t come back to OKC.’” […]


The teammate has a lot of animosity toward Kevin, I would imagine…


Kanter: “Yes, and then actually after the scrimmage game, 45 minutes later, he called me and said, ‘Did you talk to him?’ Because he heard about the game.


“So he asked me if I talked to him, if I was friendly or not, if I was on his team.


“I was like, I was not on his team.


“He was like, ‘You’re lying, I [saw] you on his team.’


“I was like, Alright, maybe I was on his team for a little bit.”


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