Gregg Popovich on Super Teams: ‘I Just Count the Championships’

by July 20, 2016

Kevin Durant’s decision to join the already-formidable Golden State Warriors re-ignited the debate on whether so-called super teams are good or bad for the NBA, but Gregg Popovich has no interest in weighing in.

Pop’s San Antonio Spurs have never had the “super team” label; all he’s worried about is how many titles they’ve won.

Popovich is coaching Durant on Team USA this summer, along with his new teammates Draymond Green and Klay Thompson.

Per the Mercury News:

Then Monday, at the first practice for USA Basketball in preparation for the Olympics in Brazil, Green was facing the media to explain his behavior. He was sprayed with questions about assault charges, his image, his propensity to end up in bad situations. The questions aren’t going away. […] Monday was a fraction of the hype and attention the Warriors will face. Only Green, Thompson and Kevin Durant are here from the Warriors’ super team — no Stephen Curry, who opted out of the Summer Games in Rio to rest his sprained right knee — and the buzz was tremendous.


“I don’t think you can (prepare for it),” Green said about the hype of the coming season. “You’ll never know what to expect until you go through it. … Whether they hate us or love us, we’ve still got to go out and win games. The Bay Area loves us.”


LeBron James’ Miami Heat squad is the only team that will be in the ballpark. San Antonio had three Hall of Famers and never got labeled a super team. Not that their Hall of Fame-bound coach minds. […] “Naaaah,” Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, an assistant coach for Team USA, said with a coy smile. “I just count the championships.”