Isaiah Thomas: ‘Kevin Garnett Called Me Little Midget’

by September 29, 2016

Kevin Garnett’s retirement has former players sharing stories about their interactions with the future Hall of Famers and most of them are centered around KG’s legendary trash talking.

Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas wasn’t spared from The Big Ticket’s harsh words and told CSN New England what Garnett’s nickname was for him:

“He says a lot of curse words, so it’s hard to say,” said Thomas. “We were playing in Boston when I was with the Sacramento Kings, he set an illegal screen—you know his screens were always illegal—and I yelled, Stop settin’ them illegal screens! And he said, Shut your little midget ass up! Ever since then he’s been calling me ‘little midget.'”

IT also talked about looking up to Garnett when he was younger and said that he is thankful that he is able to say he played against the legendary big man:

“I’ve looked up to Kevin Garnett since I was even smaller,” Thomas said with a laugh. “It sucks to see those types of guys leave but I’m glad I was part of our legacy. I’m able to tell people I played against him because he’s one of the most competitive people I ever played against and that’s something I always wanted to be like.”

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