J.R. Smith ‘Upset’ Warriors Lost Before Playing Cleveland

by December 14, 2015

The Golden State Warriors finally lost Saturday, and J.R. Smith says he was bummed out to see the Milwaukee Bucks bring an end to the Dubs’ historic 24-game winning streak.

Smith wanted his Cleveland Cavaliers to take down the defending champions during their highly-anticipated Christmas Day matchup.

J.R. recently said that he’s hoping for an NBA Finals rematch with Stephen Curry and co.


Strange as it might sound, Smith had his reasons for wanting the Golden State Warriors to continue their historic unbeaten start to the season when they played the Boston Celtics on Friday, winning in double overtime, and followed that up with a road loss in Milwaukee on Saturday to fall to 24-1.


“I was upset. I’m not going to lie,” Smith said of the Warriors’ streak ending. “When it was a tough game against Boston, I was home watching the game and I was like, ‘Man, y’all got to pull this out. Y’all got to pull this out.’ I wanted them to go undefeated until they played us.


When informed of Smith’s desire, LeBron James made it clear he was not harboring the same thoughts. […] “I’m too much of a guy that sticks in the present. I would be cheating the situation, I would be cheating the progress by worrying about a Christmas Day game when we’re not there yet,” James said.