Jae Crowder Hopes J.R. Smith Apologizes for Injuring Him

by December 15, 2015

J.R. Smith threw an elbow in last season’s Playoffs that resulted in a two-game suspension and a sprained left ACL for Jae Crowder, and the Boston Celtics forward is looking for an apology prior to Tuesday night’s matchup with the visiting Cleveland Cavaliers.

Don’t hold your breath, Jae.

Smith says he’s moved on from the incident.

Per the Boston Herald and NEOMG:

“I’m ready to play tomorrow night is all I can say,” Crowder said. “We’ll see.” […] Pressed further, Crowder said of Smith, “I hope he apologizes tomorrow, to be honest with you. I hope it wasn’t intentional. But if he doesn’t, then we’ll play ball.”


After informing Smith of Crowder’s comments, it didn’t sound like he would be asking for forgiveness any time soon. […] “I mean, we’ll just play ball,” Smith said after practice on Monday.


“Honestly man, I’m done with that whole situation,” he said. “I’m not even going to feed into it.” […] The blow occurred while the two were battling for position for an anticipated rebound opportunity early in the third quarter. Crowder immediately dropped to the floor upon impact and sprained his left ACL in the process. Smith was accessed a Flagrant 2, resulting in an automatic ejection.