James Harden and Chandler Parsons Say There’s No Beef

by July 31, 2014

There were some hurt feelings when James Harden and Dwight Howard brushed off Chandler Parsons’ departure to Dallas.

Harden and Parsons talked things through in Las Vegas while hooping at the USA Basketball minicamp, and the two former Houston Rockets teammates say everything’s cool between them.


“We’ve been in the casinos together and everything,” Parsons said. “We talked about it and it’s in the past. We’ve been hanging out, talking. We played on the same team a few times here, which was cool to get back out there with him. There are no hard feelings.”


“There was never really any back and forth,” Harden said. “I never said anything about Chandler. Chandler is in Dallas right now. I was just talking about my teammates. No matter what, if the Rockets are playing good, Dwight and James get the praise. If we’re doing bad, Dwight and James gets the bulk of criticism. The media, I guess, took another story and ran with it. Chandler and me are cool. We’re good.”


“That was blown out of proportion a little bit,” Parsons said. “No matter where I play, no matter where he plays, he’s one of my friends. I know he didn’t mean anything malicious or anything like that in his comments. So, we’re cool.”