Judge Denies Mistrial in Derrick Rose Rape Case

by October 12, 2016

Los Angeles U.S. District Court Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald refused to declare a mistrial or dismiss the rape lawsuit against Derrick Rose and two of his friends.

Rose’s lawyers argued that the accuser’s legal team withheld text messages helpful to their case.

(An LAPD detective working the case was found dead Tuesday afternoon from what authorities suspect is a suicide.)

Rose testified that he suspected a “setup” shortly after the alleged sexual assault incident.

Per the AP:

Rose said he became suspicious of the woman when she texted later the same day of the alleged early morning attack in August 2013 to say how inebriated she had been and to describe burns she claimed she got on her hands from a fire pit outside his Beverly Hills house. Rose said he believed she was sober and never witnessed any burns the night before.


“It looked like a setup,” Rose said. “It turned out to be what I thought.”


Rose testified for a second day in the $21.5 million lawsuit that claims he and his friends had sex without the woman’s consent when she was incapacitated from drinking and, possibly, drugs. The woman claims the three entered her apartment and had sex with her while she was blacked out after drinking tequila at Rose’s rental house earlier and other booze she had before she got there. […] Rose testified he was raised by a single mother, who was his mentor and had taught him to respect women.