Kevin Durant: Championship ‘Wouldn’t Mean My Life Was Complete’

by May 26, 2017

Kevin Durant is back in the NBA Finals for the second time, and were he to at last win his first championship, KD says he wouldn’t be satisfied.

Durant, 28, says the “high” of winning a ring would not necessarily “complete” him.

The former MVP felt his integration into the Golden State Warriors’ system was seamless.

Per Yahoo:

Q: What was the biggest obstacle that you had to overcome, in terms of fitting in with a new team that already experienced considerable success without you? Because we talked about the outside stuff and people trying to take away your joy. But fitting in, these guys had a way of play, you had a way of play for nine years.


KD: “I don’t even think it was that big of an adjustment. We just went out there and figured it out on the fly. Klay [Thompson] is open, give him the ball. Steph [Curry] is in the pick-and-roll, set a screen for him, get him in some space. If I’m in transition, kick it out ahead. That’s what I’m good at. If I’m open, pass him the ball. It’s really that simple. We run plays. Shaun [Livingston] likes it in the post. David [West] likes it in the post. JaVale [McGee] likes it over the rim. Draymond [Green] likes to handle. We’ve got smart players. My IQ has grown since I’ve gotten to the league and I realize how important all the moving parts are for the team. It was an adjustment as far as me being a new guy and having a certain way of playing, talking about the team and adding me in there. I’m just figuring how to move without the ball, play in space. But for the most part, it wasn’t that difficult as far as the basketball side, it was just the small details that had to get done.”


Q: And lastly, what would a ring mean for you?


KD: “It wouldn’t mean my life was complete. I’ve got a lot of life I want to lead and I’ve got a lot of [expletive] I want to achieve. So if I win a ring, it would be fun to experience that moment when the buzzer sounds and embracing my teammates in the locker room and all that stuff that comes with it, but after that, what’s next? That’s how I look at it. What’s next for me? But it’s that high. It’s that two-, three-week high, I can tell. You can tell when teams win a championship. I saw last year, the Cavs, they all went to Vegas, they all hung out in Vegas for a night. But that two-week high, I want to experience that, but it’s not going to complete me at all, as far as being a person or what life is all about. At the end of the day, it’s going to be another basketball milestone that I reach, if it happens. We’ll see. But if I don’t do it, I’m not going to ball up in my room and not come out. I’m going to work on my game and enjoy myself.”

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