Kevin Durant Offended When People Question His Killer Instinct

by September 29, 2014

The NBA’s reigning MVP, Kevin Durant, can’t understand why media and fans would dare wonder if he lacks in the killer instinct department .

Durant says he has plenty of it—the 26 year-old tied for the league-lead in game-winning shots last season (three) and led the L in fourth-quarter scoring (averaging 7.9 points)—and argues that he wouldn’t arguably be the best player on the planet if this wasn’t the case.

Per USA Today:

“It offends me sometimes,” Durant says about the criticism, “because I’m like, ‘Man, I put in this work. God …’”


“What I heard was that people would talk about me and say that I don’t have that killer dog in me, like a Kobe (Bryant) or — who else? — like Mike (Jordan), and those guys have,” he continues. “But I’m like, ‘I wouldn’t be able to survive this long in this league doing the stuff that I do at an elite level (if he didn’t have it). I wouldn’t be able to do it for seven straight years if I didn’t have that it,you know?’


“And sometimes that may not equate to wins, or championships every year. (But) I feel as though I’m always consistent with what I do. I put in the work. And being the best player (in the NBA) is (now) a conversation. If you go out today and say, ‘KD is the best player in the world,’ that’s a conversation. That’s not the tell-all, be-all. So when people say, ‘Oh, he might have been MVP, but he’s not the best player in the world.’ Well, I can argue it. We can all argue it.”