Kevin Durant Says Paul George Is His ‘Favorite Player In the League’

by December 05, 2016

Kevin Durant and the Warriors are set to take on Paul George and the Pacers tonight, a game that will reunite Team USA teammates KD and George. During today’s shootaround, Durant was asked about the matchup with George and said that PG is his favorite player in the League:

He’s my favorite player in the League, I’ve been saying that for a while. He’s just so smooth, man, he can do it all. He can shoot, pass, rebound, handle the ball, he’s my favorite player. Getting to know him over the past few years, it makes for competition…I got nothing but respect for Paul and it’s a mutual respect. We always have battles when we play with each other, so I’m looking forward to playing him again. 

KD also had an interesting anecdote about players becoming closer with one another thanks to AAU ball and USA Basketball and how that has changed the landscape of the League:

We both want to win at a high level and play well, but after the game it’s all love. I think that’s more of the competition that you’re starting to see more of over the last ten years. Since I’ve been in the League, guys become friends off the court through USA Basketball and going back to AAU and college ball. On the court you act like you don’t even know those guys, but after the game, it’s all love.

Warriors-Pacers tip off at 10:30 EST tonight.

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