Kevin Durant Trolls Russell Westbrook, Takes Picture with Cupcakes

by April 27, 2017
Kevin Durant

On the same day that Kevin Durant announced he was leaving the Thunder to sign with the Warriors, Russell Westbrook posted a picture on his Instagram.

The picture of cupcakes was reportedly Russell taking a shot at Durant. According to former teammate Kendrick Perkins, Westbrook used a specific word to call out teammates that he thought were being soft. Turns out Russ’ go-to was “cupcake.” Shots fired.

As the ’16-’17 season went along, Durant and Westbrook had a few runs-in, like when they jawed at each other during one game in OKC. There were reports that their relationship was never especially close, and that it had completely soured when Durant left. The Thunder even brought out an injured cupcake during one of Durant’s return to OKC.

And with the Thunder getting eliminated from the playoffs this week, Durant took a moment to fire back at the Brodie. He posed with a plate of cupcakes at the San Francisco Giants game. More shots fired.

Picture via Warrior Talk/Twitter