Kevin Durant: ‘I Did What I Wanted to Do’

by October 18, 2016

The regular season has yet to begin, and already, Kevin Durant is sick and tired of answering questions about joining the Golden State Warriors.

KD is now offering a very simple reply to reporters who want to probe his psyche and decision-making process.

When asked about the Dubs’ team culture, Durant made sure to point out that things weren’t all that bad in OKC.

Per the Mercury News:

“I just did what I wanted to do,” Durant said. “It’s really that simple. No bells and whistles. No shows. I did what I wanted to do.”


But why? […] “I just wanted to play here,” he said. “Nothing more than that.”


A few questions before that, Durant was asked about the successful culture surrounding the Warriors. Instead of just straight praising it — like he’s done in the past, sprouting headlines — Durant was more measured, making sure to compliment the Thunder within his answer. […] “I’ve been part of a great culture before,” he said. “You’re dealing with different people, different personalities. But when you’ve been around good people, winning basketball already, it makes coming here less of a, I guess, shock value is not as high as if I was coming from a losing organization.”