Kevin Durant: ‘They Called Me a Coward’

by October 28, 2016

Kevin Durant stuck around after practice Thursday afternoon, using outside criticism to fuel him during his workout.

KD could be heard talking to himself as he shot, saying that people have questioned his drive and courage.

Durant and the new-look Golden State Warriors were humiliated (and woken up) during a 29-point drubbing by the San Antonio Spurs to open the season.

Per the Mercury News:

By the time he finally made it over to the left corner, his final spot, Durant, drenched in sweat, began to yell at himself in motivation between shots: “They say you’re not hungry! I’m out here! Put in work! Stay with it!”


Durant finally finished up the workout and, on his way out of the arena, met briefly with reporters. […] “Nobody in this arena right now, and that’s when you get better,” Durant said. “Nobody sees you when you’re doing this stuff right here, but luckily y’all was in here watching.”


Did Durant follow some of the coverage after the Warriors blowout loss to San Antonio? […] “Obviously you hear everything,” he said. “Season’s over, the team is worst team in the league, you thought it was going to be easy. It’s one game. I thought, after losing in the playoffs by 30 or beating someone by 30 in Game 1 of the playoffs and you say it’s only one game. It’s one game of 82 and you (bleeping) guys make me feel like the world’s going to end.”