Klay Thompson Not Fazed By Jason Terry’s ‘B-Side Player’ Designation

by October 18, 2016

You can’t let the greatness of Stephen Curry blind you to the greatness of Klay Thompson. NBA veteran Jason Terry recently dubbed Thompson and Kawhi Leonard as “B-Side Players”, a term that he clarified meant “a supporting cast role but not really a bench player.”

But not to worry, the All-Star and Olympic gold medalist wasn’t the slightest bit fazed by The Jet’s comments.

Per SiriusXM NBA Radio:

“I honestly don’t even know what that means. Whatever Jason wants to call me… I’ll be a B-Side player on my way to compete for championships. It’s okay with me. I don’t even know what that means, man…And Kawhi Leonard a B-Side Player? He was a Finals MVP. One of the best two-way players in the game.”

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