Klay Thompson on Warriors Sharing the Ball: ‘We’ll Put it in the Hoop’

by July 21, 2016

Ever since Kevin Durant joined the Golden State Warriors, there’s been plenty of hand-wringing about how the team’s multitude of All-Stars will share a single basketball, but Klay Thompson says theres’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

Thompson knows the Dubs will be putting up plenty of points next season.

The sharpshooter is also willing to sacrifice shots and minutes to make things work.


What about Kevin Durant? How is the relationship blossoming?


“I mean KD thinks I’m a little flimsy sometimes,” Thompson said. “I mean Bob’s the same way. Kirk and Joe, they’re probably like Klay’s so hard to get a hold of. What’s he doing? He’s a mystery. But yeah, I thought I was pretty funny. I don’t have any jokes for KD yet, but I’ll think of something good. I can be like,’ Yo man (your movie) Thunderstruck sucked dude! […] The best part about KD is that he’s so grounded. He just really wants to get better.”


Here’s the money quote from Thompson in the interview. (John) Lund questioned Thompson why other NBA players kept making a point to tweet that there’s only one basketball. Thompson had a classic response. […] “There’s one ball, guess what we’ll do? We’ll put it in the hoop,” Thompson said.