Kobe Bryant: Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony Can Co-Exist

by April 27, 2017

Phil Jackson wants Carmelo Anthony out of New York; Melo is girding himself for another summer of trade rumors; but Kobe Bryant thinks the relationship can still be salvaged.

Bryant had more than his share of issues with The Zen Master during their years together in L.A., and says it’s not too late for the Knicks to make things work between Jackson and Anthony.

Kobe adds that he trusts Phil’s judgement despite his ongoing struggles as the Knicks’ team president.

Per the NY Post:

“Not from what I’ve been through with Phil,” Bryant said on Wednesday. “Michael [Jordan] had his rough times with him as well. The history is you get through rough times after you win a good amount of championships. We certainly had our rocky times, but we still stuck to it, we figured out our way through it and came out better because of it. I think the most important thing is sticking to it, being patient. Sometimes things work out. Sometimes they don’t.”


Bryant revealed he has lost touch with his buddy, Anthony, whom Jackson publicly stated he wants to trade.


“From my experience, from what I had with Phil — again it’s a different situation, he was coaching the team — but you can get through rocky times,” Bryant said. “They certainly were there in Chicago and when he was in L.A. But the championships can overshadow that.”

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