Kristaps Porzingis: ‘I’d Like to Get a Quadruple Double’

by October 14, 2016

After bursting onto the scene last season, Kristaps Porzingis is looking to make an even bigger impact during his second year in the NBA.

One of the big fella’s career goals is the ultra-rare quadruple double, in points, assists, rebounds and blocks.

Young Taps writes in The Players’ Tribune that he also wants more respect from video game developers:

I’m ready to show more in year two. I am only 80 overall in NBA 2K, so I need to improve.


In terms of personal goals, I can’t predict what I’m going to do. There are goals for myself and goals for my team. I believe that we have to make the playoffs, and that’s my focus. Just gonna put this out there, though: One day I’d like to get a quadruple double, points, assists, rebounds and blocks. Melo got close to a few triple doubles last year — as the wing player in our offense, he’s in a good position to do set everyone up — so I know it’s possible in our system. Ten blocks, though … I don’t know.