Kristaps Porzingis Wants To Learn a ‘Signature Move’ From Dirk Nowitzki

by November 14, 2016

After Kristaps Porzingis dropped 28 points against the Mavericks in December of ’15, Dirk Nowitzki gave a Knicks ball boy his number to pass on to Porzingis. In the note, Nowitzki offered to work with the rising Knicks star whenever he wanted to. According to Newsday, the two tried to get together this past September, but their schedules did not line up. The two will try and get together after this season and Porzinigs says he hopes to learn Dirk’s signature turnaround jumper.

More from Newsday:

“His turnaround jump shot is unguardable, basically,” Porzingis said. “That’s one thing I can work on and maybe steal a move or two from him and add to my game. A signature move, I’d like to see if I’m capable of doing that.

“There are a lot of little details I can ask him about the game, about off-the-court stuff. He’s been in the league forever. From a guy like that with a lot of experience, there’s a lot to learn. I hope I have that chance.”

Nowitzki said that he “loves the kid” and Porzingis was very appreciative that arguably the greatest international player of all time was willing to give back:

“It was really nice of him to give back and to help young players from Europe like me to get to that next level. It meant a lot. It’s an honor that he reached out to me and gave me that opportunity. It just didn’t work out.”

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