Kyrie Irving Excited to Play in a ‘Real, Live Sports City’

by October 12, 2017

Kyrie Irving says that Boston, unlike Cleveland, is a “real, live sports city.”

Irving sees a “vast difference” between life in Boston and Cleveland, where he spent the first six years of his NBA career.

The All-Star point guard grew up in New Jersey, and is excited to be living on the East Coast again.

Per the Charlotte Observer:

“It’s exciting to be back on the East Coast,” said Irving, who grew up in New Jersey. “It’s fast-paced. A lot of different cultures, food and people. You get it all, especially in Boston.


“You would go to Cleveland, and it would be at nighttime, and things would be going on, but you just see a vast difference.”


A difference, too, Irving said between Boston and Cleveland as sports cities: “Boston, I’m driving in and (thinking), ‘I’m really playing in a real, live sports city?’”