Kyrie Irving: Media Should Not Vote for NBA All-Stars

by December 20, 2016

Kyrie Irving isn’t entirely happy with the NBA’s new All-Star voting policy, which gives players and the media that cover them a say when it comes to who starts in the big showcase event.

Irving, who took home All-Star MVP honors in 2014, says the press shouldn’t have anything to do with the voting process.

Irving says that, at the end of the day, everyone is biased.

Per the NEOMG:

“It is what it is, honestly,” Irving said Monday afternoon following practice. “I guess they’re trying to fix the deserving factor maybe. Leaving it up to the players, that’s good as well. Leaving it up to the fans, that’s good as well. But the other 25 percent I think they need to throw out.”


Select basketball media members represent the other 25 percent Irving thinks should be excluded.


“They just do. They just do,” he said, even asking who has been chosen for that role. “Everyone is going to be biased anyway, so it’s cool.”