La La Anthony: Referee Ejected Carmelo Over ‘Personal’ Issue

by November 12, 2016
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Update (November 13): Before last night’s game against the Raptors, Carmelo was asked about his wife’s comments that referee Tony Brothers has a personal issue with Anthony and the Knicks star said that whenever Brothers referees one of his games, “it’s something.”

From ESPN:

“I always feel it’s something. Every time we … I don’t want to say it’s personal, but I always feel like it’s something,” Anthony said of referee Tony Brothers, who ejected him on Friday.


“I didn’t think [Friday] night it called for a tech or an ejection at that point of time. I really don’t know what to say about the situation.”

Melo concluded by saying he has no personal issues with Brothers and that next time he’ll “keep [his] mouth shut:”

“There’s nothing for me to say to him. It ain’t personal with me from my end. I don’t have anything to say to him. He’s a ref. I play. I’ll keep my mouth shut next time.”

Original Story: Does referee Tony Brothers have a personal issue with Carmelo Anthony?

That’s what Anthony’s wife, La La Anthony, tweeted after Brothers ejected Carmelo in the second quarter against the Boston Celtics on Friday.

Carmelo was whistled for a loose ball foul, and then received two technical fouls for using—in Brothers’ words—”bad language.”

What compelled you to issue the first technical and then the second? Was it bad language?


Re first technical: “Bad language.”

Re second technical: “Bad language.”


What was the reasoning for the foul on the loose ball situation…two guys going for it?


“He dove on top of him. You can’t dive on top of a player to go after a ball. That’s a foul.”


Do you have a history with Carmelo Anthony?



After the game, Derrick Rose echoed La La’s sentiments. Via ESPN:

Brothers later told a pool reporter that he whistled Anthony for the technical due to “bad language.”


“I was surprised,” Knicks guard Derrick Rose said. “He was still talking quietly. I didn’t get it. They have a history, I guess.”

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