LaVar Ball Predicts Lakers Will Win 50-Plus Games in 2017-18

by September 13, 2017
lavar ball lakers 50-plus wins

LaVar Ball went on record to predict a 50-plus win season for the Los Angeles Lakers this year.

Sure, LaVar successfully predicted that his son Lonzo would be drafted by the Lakers. But are the Lakers really 24 wins better than last year? From ESPN’s First Take to (starting at 0:47).

What the Lakers going to do this year man?


LaVar: Fifty-plus wins.


You must be… What?!


LaVar: My son can win 50 out of 80 games. Playoff time. Playoff time.


I’m going to get somebody to drug test you. You must be crazy.


LaVar: But you know what? I have to be crazy. How’d I make him go on the Lakers? I’m good. Told you so. I do a lot of things. […]


Fifty wins? And you’re going to say that with a straight face?


LaVar: Five-O. Very easy. And you know how I tell my son how to do it? Every 20 games, you got to go 15-5 at the least. We went over there at UCLA, how many times he lose? He not a loser, he a winner.

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