LeBron James Says All-Star Captains Should Draft Teams During Practice

by February 16, 2018
lebron all-star draft live practice

LeBron James says the All-Star draft should be held live at Saturday practice before the All-Star Game.

While on the Road Trippin’ Podcast, LeBron said the All-Stars should all stand at halfcourt, and captains would pick teams.

Do you really think the new format will make the game more competitive?

LeBron: “We don’t know. But what I do think is they missed on an opportunity to televise it.”

So can you give the order to us now?

LeBron: “No. It ain’t ready yet. The people ain’t ready for it… I think, personally, if we really wanted to do it like the park, we should have all showed up, All-Star Saturday, at practice and then picked.

“Everybody stand at halfcourt, and take your team. And that’s how we play.”

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