LeBron James Invited David Fizdale To Take Part in Commercial as Wedding Gift

by May 11, 2017
lebron fizdale

Before taking the Grizzlies head coaching position this season, David Fizdale was an assistant with the Heat.

He grew close with LeBron James during Bron’s four seasons in Miami and began to notice how generous LeBron is.

Case in point, when Fizdale told LeBron that he wasn’t accepting gifts at his wedding, LeBron invited him to take part in one of his Samsung commercials.

Via the Mike & Mike Show:

“He put me in a commercial once as a wedding gift. How about that? Because I said, Don’t get me anything.


“Instead of him listening, he says, ‘Hey coach, why don’t you be in the Samsung commercial with me?’ You know, that’s a nice little check for an assistant coach.


“And [the card] says, ‘Hey man, congratulations on your wedding.'”

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