LeBron James Gave Each Teammate a Life-Size Shield

by June 07, 2016

In an effort to create an even stronger bond with his teammates, LeBron James presented each of his Cleveland Cavaliers teammates with a life-size shied prior to their postseason journey together, and the armor carried a message of protection and unity.

The Cavs then proceeded to cruise through the Eastern Conference, but have hit a massive wall against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals.

With the next two games in Ohio—both absolute must-wins for the Cavs—LBJ says this is no time to despair.

Per the NEOMG:

“For me, I appreciated it,” forward Channing Frye said of the gift. “It just showed his thought process not just about the game, but about the mental aspect of everybody being on the same page.”


The shields have proven to be durable in protecting against the strikes, the thumps, and the swipes of the Eastern Conference landscape. However, the blows unleashed by Golden State Warriors in Games 1 and 2 of the NBA Finals have shattered those shields into a thousand pieces. […] Golden State finds itself up 2-0 following a 110-77 battering Sunday night at Oracle Arena. After cruising through the first three rounds with a 12-2 mark, Cleveland has been outscored in this series by a staggering 48 points.


“What we’ve done these last two games doesn’t put a damper or a cloud over how we got to this point,” James argued. “We’re still here…”

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