LeBron James ‘Got to Witness Some History’ Watching the Warriors

by April 11, 2016

The Golden State Warriors’ romp through the NBA this season has secured their place in the history books, something LeBron James says he appreciates a great deal.

James was too young when Michael Jordan and the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls were destroying people on their way to 72 wins—seeing Stephen Curry and company do it from up close is something the four-time MVP cherishes even more.

LeBron also pooh-poohed any criticism directed at the Dubs and their pursuit of 73.

Per the AP:

“I can say that I actually got to witness some history,” James said following shootaround as the Cavs prepared to play the Atlanta Hawks.


James was 11 and idolizing Jordan when he and the Bulls set a record some thought untouchable. […] “I remember the ’95-96 team, but I wasn’t watching every game, wasn’t fortunate enough to watch every game,” said James, who lost twice to the Warriors this season. “So, I knew about it. I kind of watched the Bulls from afar but to actually be in the league now while they’re setting this record, have the opportunity to set this record, it would be something I can talk about later in life.”


While there has been some debate as whether Golden State has been too focused on the wins record, James feels they’ve handled the pursuit properly. […] “I feel like they’ve just played their game. You can’t fault anyone for winning and then say, ‘Oh, they were tired because they lost late.’ You don’t get that opportunity if you don’t win,” he said. “You don’t even get the opportunity to play for a championship if you don’t win. … I don’t think they’re worried about being tired at this point.”