LeBron James Seeks Out Jrue Holiday Before Game Against Pelicans, Shows Support For Holiday’s Wife

by January 03, 2017

Jrue Holiday missed the first nine games of the season to care for his wife, Lauren, who underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor after the birth of their daughter. Before last night’s game against the Cavaliers, LeBron James shared a moment with Jrue before tip-off and James offered words of encouragement to Holiday and his family.

LeBron told ESPN that he “couldn’t wait” to see Holiday and that he had been praying for him and his family after hearing about Lauren’s medical condition:

“When we heard about it, me and my family and my wife heard about it, we were in L.A. at the time in the offseason and we automatically had a prayer for her,” James told ESPN of Holiday’s situation. “This is a brotherhood, no matter if you’re on the same team or not, this is a fraternity. Our league is a fraternity. Any time someone’s family is going through a situation like that, you just hope the greater God above is looking out for him. So, I couldn’t wait to actually see him today.”

Jrue called the support from LeBron “awesome:”

“To know that this league and somebody of his caliber and the effect that he has on the game like he does can really have support for my family is awesome.”

Holiday also said that he has been getting support from players throughout the League:

“I’ve gotten it probably every game — whether it’s from referees or from players, I’ve gotten it every game,” Holiday said. “I guess for our league to acknowledge that and for it to feel like a brotherhood, that’s really what it feels like.”

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