Report: LeBron James Will ‘Never Be a Clipper’

by June 26, 2017
lebron james clippers

LeBron James has just one year left on his deal, and the thinking around the NBA is that James could be headed to Los Angeles in 2018.

According to Mike Wise of The Undefeated, however, LeBron may have already ruled out the L.A. Clippers.

While guesting on the Freddie and Fitz show on Friday, Wise put it on good authority that “LeBron James will never be a Clipper” (starting at 21:01):

“I got from a very good authority, a very good authority, that LeBron James will never be a Clipper.


“I can’t tell you who, but I’m going to tell you it’s somebody that knows, and LeBron James will never be a Clipper.


“I don’t know if that’s because he remembers what the Clippers used to be, or he just doesn’t want to put his lot in there, or he thinks Steve Ballmer is just too animated on the sideline.


“Whatever follicles Steve Ballmer has left—and he has more than me—they’re falling out right now. But he’s never going to be a Clipper.”

Report: LeBron James ‘Likely’ Leaving Cleveland in 2018