LeBron James Rookie Card Expected to Sell for $200K

by September 21, 2016

An ultra-rare LeBron James trading card from his rookie year in the NBA is expected to fetch around $200,000 at an auction next month.

The card was produced by Upper Deck as part of its “Ultimate Collection” series.

Some enterprising collector snagged the valuable card in 2003 and has held onto it ever since.

Per the NEOMG:

The card includes a color image of James in mid-shot above an autograph penned by James in blue ink. To the left of the image is a patch of fabric with the NBA logo taken from a LeBron-worn jersey.


(Ken) Goldin, who runs Goldin Auctions, the service hosting the item, says the card is “the most valuable LeBron James collector’s item out there.” Even more valuable than a game-worn, autographed jersey.


“If you had the jersey he wore in Game 7 of the NBA Finals, this card is worth more,” he said. […] With 12 days remaining in the online auction, bids have reached $65,000. But Goldin expects the card to fetch as much as $200,000 by the time the bidding closes on Oct. 1, which is not typical for cards produced after 2000.