Lonzo Ball Compares Himself to Magic Johnson

by April 26, 2017
lonzo ball magic johnson

Growing up in the Los Angeles area, incoming rookie Lonzo Ball is well aware of the impact that Magic Johnson had on the game of basketball.

Magic’s Showtime Lakers are often considered a predecessor to today’s faster-paced style of play.

From the moment Ball’s father pulled up Magic’s highlights for his son to watch, Lonzo tried incorporate bits and pieces of the Hall of Famers’ game into his own.


In fact, Lonzo told The Vertical that he sees a lot of similarities between himself and the Laker great:

“I watched tape on Magic when I was young, and it’s why you can see it in my game.


“He liked to pass, I like to pass. He was a big point guard, I’m a big point guard.


“And I feel the way the game is played means a lot to him and me.”

Lonzo’s point about “the way the game is played” hints toward a Showtime style.

Is the comparison a good one? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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