Markelle Fultz Is Psyched because Philly has Chick-fil-A and Boston Doesn’t

by June 23, 2017
markelle fultz chick-fil-a

When Markelle Fultz found out that the Philadelphia 76ers would select him No. 1 overall on draft night, he immediately googled for Chick-fil-A restaurants in the area.

Prioritizes in order, Fultz was hyped to discover that Philly has 7 Chick-fil-A locations… and Boston has none.

Via The Players’ Tribune:

Then Keith (Fultz’ trainer) hit me up and said, “New plan. Philly.”


I was just waking up. So I was like, “O.K., cool. Do they have Chick-fil-A there?”


A crispy chicken sandwich for breakfast. It’s kind of like my good luck charm. Keith never got back to me about that important question. So I found out for myself. I googled it immediately.


Philly does have Chick-fil-A. It has six, actually.


Seven if you count the one at the airport. Boston has zero Chick-fil-As, for what it’s worth.

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