Report: ‘Mutual Interest’ Between Chris Paul, Spurs

by May 24, 2017
chris paul spurs

After losing in the first round to the Jazz, the Clippers will have to make some big decisions over the summer.

Crucial among them is whether to break up the trio of Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan.

Paul, 32, could sign a five-year super max extension with the Clippers worth roughly $205 million during the offseason.

Should the extension talks turn sour, however, CP3 might give the Spurs a serious look. ESPN’s Zach Lowe, on a podcast this week, suggested that there is “mutual interest” between the parties.

“I know they’re concerned about their point guard position. Dejounte Murray looks good, but he’s not ready yet.


“There’s been a lot of rumblings about Chris Paul, and I think that’s real. I think there’s mutual interest there.


“I don’t know how real it is given that the Clippers can offer a gigantic amount of money and are also a really good team. And also that the Spurs have no cap flexibility to get there.


“I’m very curious about what they do this summer.”

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