The NBA Introduces a New Shot Clock

by July 07, 2016

Exciting news for time keeping enthusiasts.

The NBA is set to debut a fancy new system that integrates game clocks, 24-second and full timeouts.

The new state-of-the-art shot clock and integrated timing system will be unveiled in Las Vegas this week during Summer League.

Per the AP:

The league says Thursday the new clock will feature the game clocks, 24-second and timeout, the first time they have all been in one piece of hardware.


Developed by Swiss watchmaker Tissot, the league’s official timekeeper, the timing system will allow for clearer footage to assist referees and the Replay Center, and provides a benefit to some fans. The clock’s LED glass is nearly transparent when in use, giving fans behind the baskets a view to the court that was previously obstructed.


The NBA introduced the shot clock for the 1954-55 season and it has been positioned on top of the backboard since 1977.