Nick Young Says Kobe Bryant Threw His adidas Kicks in the Trash

by April 15, 2016

The final game of Kobe Bryant’s legendary 20-year career couldn’t have turned out any better for his fans, the NBA, and the future Hall of Famer’s corporate partners.

April 13 was #MambaDay, a runaway marketing victory for Nike, and Kobe refused to let teammate Nick Young’s competing adidas kicks sully the narrative.

Other players around the L have had better success than Swaggy P convincing Bryant to spill some precious ink on their shoes prior to his retirement.


It has become such a ritual, in fact, that Bryant estimates he has signed and given away at least 30 pairs of shoes to opposing players — and even players from other professional sports — this season. […] In fact, on average Bryant brings about five pairs to each road game — and as many as seven in at least one instance — because he knows the demand is especially high.


So what are the requirements for receiving an autographed pair? […] “Why? You want some?” Bryant joked when he was asked this week. “Nah, generally guys that got the cojones to ask, I give it to them. I’ve got plenty of them back there, so I’m not going to run out, so it’s all good.”


Bryant recently recalled his first autographs — Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant, Penny Hardaway and even future Lakers teammate Shaquille O’Neal. […] “How funny is that, though? Shaq was really nice to me when I met him,” Bryant said. “I remember I was like 15 years old. He was really, really nice to me. Penny, not so much. I kind of carried that with me for the rest of my career.”

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