Paul George Criticizes Refs, Says Pacers Are ‘Little Brother’ Of NBA

by December 27, 2016

Before the season, Paul George was expecting an MVP-level year from himself and the Pacers were expected to take a leap after not re-signing Frank Vogel and making a roster overhaul. Thirty-two games into the season and Indiana sits at 15-17 and the team has already had players only meetingsΒ and tempers are starting to flare.

After last night’s loss to the Bulls, PG went after the referees and said that the Pacers are the “little brother of the League.”

From ESPN:

“Since I’ve been in this jersey we’ve always fought this battle,” George said. “Ever since I’ve been playing, ever since I’ve been in this jersey we’ve fought this battle. Maybe the league has teams they like so they can give them the benefit of the doubt. We’re the little brother of the League. We’re definitely the little brother of the League.”

George also made it sound like there may be a conspiracy theory in the NBA and that certain teams and players get calls that others don’t:

“I’ve been fined multiple times,” George told reporters. “I’ve been vocal to the point where the league issues [a statement], ‘Hey, we missed a call. Hey, we missed that.’ Officials do it during games [saying], ‘I missed that call, I missed this call. We’re sorry. We’re sorry.’ It’s getting repetitive. They see it, they know what’s going on. They know what’s a foul. They know what’s not a foul. It comes down from somewhere else how these games are going, I believe.”\

George is averaging 21.4 points, 6.8 boards and 3.4 assists per game.

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