Paul George: ‘There Was No Tampering At All’ With Lakers Coach Brian Shaw

by January 03, 2018
paul george lakers tampering

Paul George says the NBA’s $500,000 tampering charge against the Lakers was unfounded.

According to George, the Pacers thought the Lakers were recruiting him through L.A. assistant coach Brian Shaw.

What was your view on the Lakers’ tampering fine?


PG: “I mean, it is what it is. They (the Pacers) thought it was tampering. There was no tampering at all.


“It was kind of crazy, our relationship, mused and B-Shaw was far more stronger than teams, me coming to the Lakers was. B-Shaw’s been a mentor for me so it was kind of comical, but we moved on.”


So it was for a conversation you had with Shaw?


PG: “Pretty much. The Pacers thought that there was more in-depth of them (the Lakers) trying to recruit me, which it wasn’t.


“The only thing me and B-Shaw ever spoke about was fishing, and challenge each other on fishing trips. B-Shaw has way, way, way better class than to try to recruit me.”

According to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne, however, an NBA investigation found “no evidence of tampering” as it relates to Shaw and George.

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