Paul George Says This is ‘One of the Toughest Seasons’

by March 23, 2017

Paul George has been one deeply unhappy camper this season, calling it “one of the toughest” of his seven-year career.

George, 26, longs for the “glory days” in Indy.

The Pacers in a battle for the last three Playoff spots in the Eastern Conference.

Per MassLive:

George has sounded dissatisfied throughout the season. Asked about the campaign Wednesday, he called it “probably one of the toughest seasons for me” before admitting he thinks back to the years when the Pacers threatened to win the Eastern Conference.


“You always relive the glory days when they’re gone,” George said. “So I’m trying to bring that to this team, and that edge. But it’s taken some time. It’s been a toll.”


“Usually I had two jobs: be the best defender and the best scorer,” George added. “Now it’s, be the leader, be the toughness guy, be the enforcer. It’s just a lot of roles that I’ve had to pick up this season. And that’s what’s been the toll. That’s what’s been the roughest part of it. It’s how do you put energy in every bit of places. And I’ve grown with it, I’ve gotten better throughout the season, as the season’s gone on, as different matchups have gone on, how to approach different teams. But it’s been a task.”

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