Tonight’s Cavs-Rockets Game Moved Up To 6 PM Due To World Series Game in Cleveland

by November 01, 2016

What a time to be a Cleveland sports fan. The NBA has moved tip off of the Cavaliers’ game to 6 p.m. tonight to better accommodate those who want to watch the World Series. The Indians have a chance to clinch at home, while the Cavs are hosting Harden and the Rockets at the Q.  With the baseball game not starting till 8 PM, fans should be able to catch most of both.

Apparently, Cavs-Rockets wasn’t moved just to accommodate fans. Kyrie and co. aren’t trying to miss this historic moment as well.

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The NBA moved the start time for Tuesday’s Cavs-Rockets game up an hour to 6 p.m. to accommodate fans who want to watch the World Series.


Which pretty much means everyone, at least as far as the Cavs are concerned, including their players. The Cavs’ organization pushed for the time change.


“Yeah, for sure,” said Kyrie Irving, when asked if he and his teammates would walk across Gateway Plaza from The Q to Progressive Field for Game 6 after playing the Rockets.


“It’ll be an experience of a lifetime,” Irving said. “Game 6 of the World Series, man, hoo, that’s big time. I’m excited for them. I know the city is. I’m happy our game got moved up. I don’t mind moving it for the World Series at all. It’ll be an exciting time.


“Hopefully we can get a suite and we can walk over there as a team and watch our home team go for a championship as well.”

Fans will be permitted to remain in the Q to watch the game on the Humungotron if they please. What a time.

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