Report: Warriors ‘Perplexed’ By Kevin Durant’s Offseason

by September 21, 2017

Kevin Durant didn’t seem to enjoy his summer a whole lot, this despite clinching his first NBA championship.

The Golden State Warriors are said to be “perplexed” by the NBA Finals MVP’s strangely combattive offseason.

The 28-year-old superstar apologized this week for blasting the OKC Thunder, his former team, in a couple of ill-conceived tweets.

Per Yahoo:

This should have been the Summer of Durant. He’s 28, a champ, on a team that could collect as many rings as he has fingers – on one hand, anyway. He should have had a fun-filled victory tour. Instead, he took a shot at Stephen Curry’s sneaker brand and authorized production on his own kicks that feature criticisms of him written into the soles. He could have slipped off the grid. Instead, he punctuated a cringeworthy offseason with a couple of tweets critical of his former team.


Still, you wonder: Why do it? Regrets? Probably not. Durant fit in seamlessly with Golden State last season, and his performance in the playoffs proved he was anything but along for the ride. He coexisted with Curry and would have been in the MVP mix had a knee injury not robbed him of a month’s worth of games toward the end of the season.


The Warriors will open training camp Friday and maybe then things will get back to normal. The sneaker tiff with Curry seems to have blown over, and by addressing the Thunder tweets he saves himself from having to later. But make no mistake: Many in Golden State, team officials and players alike, have taken note of Durant’s oddball offseason and are perplexed by it. They see a bright future for Durant in Oakland, league and team sources told The Vertical, and are bewildered as to why he is still addressing his past.

Kevin Durant Regrets Tweets About OKC