Russell Westbrook: European Offenses ’10 Times Better’ Than NBA Ones

by October 10, 2016

Having earned a split against Real Madrid and FC Barcelona in preseason action, OKC Thunder superstar Russell Westbrook gave props to European offensive schemes as being “10 times better” than the ones typically run in the NBA.

Westbrook praises the player movement found across the pond.

The Thunder allowed 142 points against Real Madrid in Monday’s exhibition opener.

Per the Norman Transcript:

“I think one thing people don’t realize is guarding teams in Europe,” Russell Westbrook prefaced. “Their offenses are 10 times better than NBA offense just because they move around a lot. A lot of movement and not as much talent so they have to do different things to be able to score the basketball.”


Coach Billy Donovan echoed Westbrook’s sentiments. One of the reasons the Thunder defense improved during game No. 2 was one that wouldn’t always translate to the NBA.


“Our guys getting more comfortable [with] the pace and the rhythm and how the offenses in Europe are running,” Donovan said. “And that was probably a day to get acclimated and adjusted to that, to the speed and the cutting of the game.”

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