Sixers Fan Says He Was ‘Provoked By Russell Westbrook’

by October 27, 2016

The goober who flashed Russell Westbrook both middle fingers last night has apologized for his actions, but claims that the All-Star guard provoked him by calling him fat.

The fan was promptly removed from his courtside perch during the nationally-televised affair, and had to watch his Sixers fall 103-97 from the cheap seats.

Russ, meanwhile, was one assist shy of a triple-double in the Thunder road win:

Richard Harkaway, a urologist for a medical practice with offices at Albert Einstein Medical Center in North Philadelphia, is the fan who spent heaven knows how much money to sit in one of the most expensive seats in the Wells Fargo Center for the 76ers’ season opener, then flipped off Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook with both hands.


“As a part-time comedian I realize that my words and actions are sometimes inappropriate,” Harkaway said in a statement to issued by a personal representative. “In this instance, after standing up to boo and being provoked by Russell Westbrook calling attention to my being overweight, my action in response was clearly inexcusable and I am embarrassed. I sincerely apologize to my fellow Sixers fans, the Sixers organization, my colleagues and patients, and to Mr. Westbrook for my behavior.”


When not at work, Harkaway moonlights as a comedian at a number of local clubs. He has a history of opening for Jackie “The Jokeman” Martling, including at the RRazz Room at the Prince Theater in Center City, and has been known to joke about his weight.