Stephen Curry Says It’s ‘Comical That People Were Saying I’m Having A Down Year’

by April 04, 2017
Stephen Curry

Following two-straight MVP seasons, Stephen Curry has been having what some consider a down year with averages of 25.2 points, 6.6 assists and 4.5 boards per game. Following a three-game losing streak in early March, Curry has led the Warriors to 11 wins in a row. The Dubs currently sit at 63-14 and look to be in-line to lock up the No. 1 seed. Sure, it’s not 30 points per game while winning 73 regular season games like last year, but to say that Curry has had a down year is a bit ridiculous and the back-to-back MVP agrees.

From Bleacher Report:

“I think it’s comical that people were saying I’m having a down year,” Curry said. “To go black and white and say I’m not having as good a season as I was having last year based on just five points a game or shooting percentage or whatnot…there are other things that you try to do other than just the eye test to try and help your team win. This year has taught me that, for sure. The accolades and the attention and all that stuff, the hype is cool. But it’s really how you feel about your own game.


“And I can wake up every day and be like, ‘I know what I’m trying to accomplish; I know I’m going to get better.’ I know when I don’t play well and how mad I get at myself. I know when I do play well and how I want to keep that going. Same approach as I had last year.”

Steph also commented on the MVP race and said that it’s hard for players to gain ground since the “narratives kind of take form in December of who’s winning:”

“The narratives kind of take form in December of who’s winning, and it kind of takes a life of its own from there,” Curry said. “If you’re not in that conversation in December, it’s really hard to make up that ground with whatever accomplishments you’re making.


“A guy like Isaiah Thomas, who you could argue is a top MVP candidate for what he’s done for his team, getting them to the 1 seed in the East right now. In December he wasn’t a legit MVP guy people were talking about. So the uphill climb for him is significantly harder than guys like Russell [Westbrook] and James [Harden], who have been doing it all year. Same thing for me last year and the year before.”

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