Stephen Curry May Play Pro Golf After His NBA Career

by May 18, 2017

Stephen Curry says he’s thought about possibly becoming a pro golfer once he’s done with this basketball thing.

Curry is excellent on the links.

The NBA’s reigning MVP says he’s now entering his hoops prime.

Per the Mercury News (via the Golf Channel):

“I’ve thought about it,” Curry replied. “I’m very sensitive to the experience of the PGA Tour guys out there who have dedicated their life to what they do, just like I have with basketball. I don’t think I could, obviously, just jump out there … It’d be a lot of work that would go into it…”


“I have the passion for the game, I think, to fight through whatever it would take,” Curry said. “I don’t know if it’s in the cards after I’m done playing, but I will still be playing golf until (my NBA career) is over.”


Given, Curry is only 29 years old — “I’m just reaching my prime,” he said Monday — and may be a decade away from such considerations. That said, he did call golf “1B on my list of passions” presumably after hoops.