Stephen Curry Remembers the Death Stare Kobe Bryant Gave Him as a Rookie

by February 05, 2016

A wide-eyed rookie Stephen Curry dared to walk up to Kobe Bryant during a game at crunch time, and brazenly spewed some light-hearted trash talk.

Six years later, the NBA’s reigning MVP clearly recalls the death stare Kobe flashed him, followed by two swishes from the charity stripe by The Black Mamba.

In a fun Q&A with GQ, Steph also talks about dunking and re-watching his own amazing shot-making on the Internet:

This being Kobe’s last All-Star game, do you have a favorite Kobe memory? […] “Our rookie year we were playing at Oracle and they had a 3-point lead down the stretch. He got fouled, going to the free throw line to ice the game with two free throws. As he’s walking from one end of the court to the other, I’m this rookie that’s just kind of living in the moment and I walk up to him as he’s walking to the free throw line: ‘Hey, man, you nervous about these free throws?’ The look he gave me was so just mean and cold. Just like, ‘What are you talking about? Get out of my face, you dumb rookie.’ He obviously made the two free throws and they won. I’ll remember that look he gave me forever.”


Do you remember the first time you dunked? […] “In college during my freshman year—probably like September or October—after one of our open gym sessions. I knew I could get close. That’s all I wanted to do [was] to be able to get up and dunk, so I remember exactly where it was, what basket it was. And then I’ve had some terrible moments since then of getting hung in games. It’s even so bad that at our practice facility with the Warriors, we have the Steph dunk count on the board. There’s a bunch of like 1/4’s, 1/8’s, half a dunk, all that kind of stuff. At least I’m trying though.”


Do you ever watch Vines of yourself doing this stuff, and think, Even I don’t how the hell I did that? […] “Yes and no. Most of the stuff I try in a game, in the moment I have supreme confidence I’m going to execute it. You go back and watch it, and, [think,] Yeah, that was pretty cool. My favorite one is the one from the Clippers game last year, weaving through all the defenders. There’s no reason I should’ve tried that. And it just happened to work out. That was a bad shot.”