Steve Kerr: Kids Pushing for Gun Control ‘Heroic’

by February 23, 2018

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr is “very encouraged” by the student-led movement to bring about meaningful gun control measures following the killing of 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, Florida.

Kerr says what these kids are doing is “heroic.”

Students from hundreds of schools around America have rallied for gun reform after the latest mass shooting.

Per the Mercury News:

“I think it’s phenomenal,” Kerr said. “What those kids are doing is heroic. It’s heartfelt. And I think it’s the beginning of some change. I really believe that. I’m amazed any time I see them on TV or online. It’s heartbreaking but inspiring all at once.”

“We’ve got a generation that’s grown up with these school shootings and mass shootings and they’re fed up,” Kerr said. “Historically, it’s the young generation that has to initiate change.

“You think about the Vietnam War. All of the old white guys kept sending the troops off to fight this ridiculous war. All the young people who protested had to make change, create change. It’s the young people in the county now who are going to create the change in terms of how we handle gun violence and how we do our best to curb it. It’s amazing to watch them.”

Steve Kerr Laments Gun Violence in America