Steve Kerr: Warriors ‘Should Be a Better Passing Team’

by September 28, 2017

The Golden State Warriors, one of the most dominant NBA teams of all-time, “should be” better at passing the rock according to head coach Steve Kerr.

Kerr says the defending champs are the “most unselfish team around.”

Kerr thinks the Dubs need to work on their passing fundementals.

Per The Athletic (via Business Insider):

“We are the most unselfish team around,” Kerr said. “But we’re probably an average passing team in terms of fundamentals … We should be a better passing team.”


Last season, the Warriors set an NBA record for offensive efficiency (points scored per 100 possessions) and finished fifth all-time in assists per game, according to Basketball-Reference. They also ranked 20th in turnover percentage.


“In Chicago, I’ll never forget, one of my first practices with Michael (Jordan) and Scottie (Pippen), Tex had us line up at half court and had us throwing two-hand chest passes back and forth to each other. One-hand pass, left-hand pass, bounce pass. I thought ‘What is this? Third grade. You have two of the best players on Earth passing back and forth to each other.’ But it was a good reminder that fundamentals matter, no matter how old you are.”

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